Sunday, December 14, 2008

What should be the fast food of Windsor?

I think you should read Doug Saunder's recent Globe and Mail column on the glories of global street food before it disappears behind the paywall next Saturday. In it, Saunders describes some of the strange and wonderful foods he's had in the slums of Asia that put our poor street meat to shame. Speaking of which, I'm glad to report that there is a Toronto city councilor that has been endeavouring to to expand Toronto's sidewalk menu beyond hot dogs but sadly, his efforts have not yet been fruitful.

Also in this column, Saunders laments that we North Americans have given up the pursuit for innovative and amazing fast food. And, notwithstanding the bizarre inventions that appear at the State Fairs of America, I think he's right.

It got me thinking - what could be the base of a new "invented in Windsor/Essex County" fast food? Candied Tomato With Ice Cream? Smelt on a stick? We need a contest!