Friday, October 20, 2006

Stand in the place where you live...

Now, face North. Think about direction. Wonder why you haven't before.

The lines above are from R.E.M's song, Stand from their album Green. Speaking of green, I don't think of this song as an environmental pop song as much as a geographical pop song: "Think about the place where you live. Wonder why you haven't before."

I've been thinking about the place where I live. I live in 4-0-Wonderland ("It's the end of the highway - not the end of the world"). Otherwise known as Windsoria. Otherwise known as Windsor. That is, the Windsor that is in Ontario (not Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, or the UK for that matter) and the Ontario that is in Canada.

The above picture notwithstanding, north of Windsor is Detroit. Because of our geography, Americans are our neighbours to the North of us which is upside down to most every other place in Canada. Windsor is upside down to the rest of Canada in many other ways too.

Quick - where is North? Did you have to think about it? Do you wonder why you hadn't before?

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Unknown said...

wherever I go I always try to think of where North is - It's particularly nerve wracking her in KW since none of the roads go straight and there are no reference points.

L-in-T, if you look at a map, Detroit proper is more north than west, it all depends on where you are in the city though. If you are more in Sandwich town than the other cities (eg. Dearborn) are more west, but when you are downtown, Detroit is North.