Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An open letter to WDET


In 2006, Fedde Le Grand's Put Your Hands Up for Detroit was the number one single in the U.K.

In 2007, WDET removed all of its electronica music programming, including Focus Detroit. Folk music remains on WDET. The Arkansas Traveller remains on WDET. But not the music that the world looks to Detroit to for.

In 2005, you removed many of your music shows to better concentrate on news and information programming but after a mighty hue and cry, these shows returned.

Its 2008. I continue to ignore every plea you make for much needed donations. I am putting my hands up for Detroit Techno.


Anonymous said...

And that's why you won't get any techno.

Changes are made when people don't support the programs. People didn't give when the music was on, and now I don't get to enjoy it.

I don't blame WDET. I blame the listeners.

Mita said...

I was unclear. I should have stated that before the programming cuts, I made annual contributions to WDET.

But your point is well taken. There were enough listeners who complained enough and, presumably, withheld their donations to bring shows like "Folks Like Us" back on the air.

I have a hard time believing that lack of donations to support techno is the only reason why the wholesale cuts were made. Surely, one program could have be sustained.

Anonymous said...


I agree. I too have stop donating. Unlike our American freinds, we don't recieve any tax benefit to donating.

WDET could probably save a few dollars by stopping to help fill my recycling bin with the letters they send. Letters that contain special offers that are usually expired by the time it makes its way to Windsor...

I like the news programming, but it wouldn't kill them to stick at least one Music show in the middle of the day.