Thursday, January 22, 2009

It takes a community to make a calendar

I was going to write about the sorry state of community calendars in Windsor - those sad "please submit your event two weeks in advance" calendars that are online but done so in such a way that there is no way to easily add them to a personal online calendar, on the web, on your your pc or mac, or to your cell phone. (I'm looking at *you* CBC Windsor and AM800). Sadly, it appears that there once was a Google driven Community Calendar provided by The City of Windsor but it looks like they've started using something a less functional and pretty.

But after doing some searching around, I was surprised to find a growing number of local calendars on Google Calendar.

So you are going to have to make your own community calendar starting with these:

Buying Local Foods... : Local Food Events :
Arts Council - Windsor & Region (ACWR) :
Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Environmental Events :
Windsor Essex Community Supported Agriculture :

And may I present, The 4-0 Wonderland Calendar as well:


WE Speak said...

I agree with you about local calendars like the CBC, AM800 and the City. If not Google Calendar, I wish they would at least use something with ICAL, XML/RSS feeds. They're still labouring under the concept that people will actually visit the website all the time to check out their calendar.

Mita said...

Windsor Eats also has a great local events calendar. Its not exportable but its well designed and full of good stuff.