Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thanks Jennifer 8 - now all I want is to order some Chinese food

Some quick (and thus, error-prone) counts from the Windsor and Area Yellow Pages.

# of McDonald's Restaurants: 10
# of Burger King Restaurants: 11
# of Wendy's : 4
# of KFCs: 7
# of Chinese restaurants: 45

I wanted to do a quick tally of the local restaurant scene after watching Jennifer 8 Lee's TED Talk: Who was General Tso? and other mysteries of American Chinese food. I recommend watching it as its fascinating food history.

(We have our own history with Chinese food as almost every small town in Canada that can support a restaurant has a Chinese restaurant as a result of our own immigration policies.)

Near the end of the talk, Lee makes the case that unlike the centralized uniformity of the fast food franchises, Chinese restaurants ac hived their similarity independently by self-organization. Unlike the Microsofts of the restaurant landscape, Chinese restaurants are like Linux - adapting to local tastes and customs while being both ubiquitous and largely anonymous.

Now I want dim sum something fierce.

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